Five Things to Ask at a Weight Loss Seminar

Mar 3, 2020

Weight loss surgery is often an option for people who have tried many different ways to lose weight, yet without long-lasting results. Those attending a weight loss surgery seminar have the opportunity to hear from doctors and staff, get answers to questions and learn from the questions that other people ask. Many hospitals require that you attend their seminars before scheduling a consultation, as they want you to be well-informed. A good seminar will help you understand the entire bariatric surgery preparation process and post-surgery outcome, which often takes months.

Weight loss surgery seminars will cover an overview of all obesity surgery options and may include information on the following weight loss surgery techniques:

Lap Bands

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass (Roux En Y)

Gastric Sleeve

You will be encouraged to ask as many questions as you want. Don’t be shy! We’re talking about elective surgery, and doctors understand that you need a comfort level. You may have questions about some details in the presentation, but you should also be prepared with some standard questions (if they’re not answered during the course of the presentation) such as:

May I talk with a former patient? (If a former patient isn’t available at the presentation.) There is nothing quite like hearing from someone who went through exactly what you’re considering.

What are the staff surgeon’s experience and credentials? This is obvious, but you might be surprised to know many patients forget to do this.

Which procedures does the surgery center most perform? Why? If you are noticing a bias toward one specific procedure, that does not necessarily indicate a negative thing, but you should find out why.

What are the most common pros and cons of bariatric surgery? You can read these online all day long, but the staff and doctors will be frank with you. It’s a big decision worthy of thoughtful research and investigation.

Is there an after-care strategy or program to emotionally support former patients? Healing is more than just physical. The way you feel and look are important to you and bariatric surgery affects emotional well-being too.

Once you’ve attended a few seminars for comparison, you’ll make the choice to move on to consultation — or not. If you choose to move forward, your surgeon will provide more details at your appointment consultation. Congrats are in order no matter what you choose: you’ve made the decision to be healthy and to take charge of your life.  So take charge and attend our FREE information questions and answer session with the specialist to learn more about our surgical weight loss options at Hialeah Hospital. To register via phone call 1-888-417-1613 or register online at; Information sessions are offered in English and Spanish. Join us today, and move forward in improving your health.


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