Florida Medical Center Employees and Physicians Shine at the First Golden Lobe Awards

Mar 3, 2020

It was a star-studded event for the employees and physicians of Florida Medical Center as the hospital hosted its first Golden Lobe Awards.   Named after different areas of the brain dedicated to specific functions, or lobes, the awards are meant to recognize advances in the area of stroke care at the hospital. Employees and physicians receiving a Golden Lobe Award are part of the life-saving stroke team at the hospital, and in recognition of the advances of Florida Medical Center’s Comprehensive Stroke Center, the awards are meant to celebrate the collaboration of all of the departments who play a key role in treating stroke patients quickly and effectively. The Golden Lobe Awards also recognize key initiatives aimed at highlighting the fastest treatment times and best outcomes for a patient coming to the hospital with a stroke. Awards included the Golden Brain lapel pins for Door to Needle time, and the Golden Torch lapel pins for Door to Groin time, both important measurements in stroke care. The departments recognized were Florida Medical Center’s emergency room, radiology, cath lab and anesthesiology. 

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