Profiles in Cardiology

Apr 19, 2021

Dr. Steven A. Plato is on staff at Florida Medical Center. He is a cardiothoracic surgeon providing adult cardiac, aortic and endovascular surgery care. Dr. Plato specializes in aortic aneurysm treatment, aortic root reconstruction, aortic valve surgery and mitral valve surgery, as well as coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG).

Dr. Juan Velasquez is a highly-skilled and experienced interventional cardiologist on-staff at Florida Medical Center, a campus of North Shore located in Fort Lauderdale and North Shore Medical Center in Miami. Dr. Velasquez’s expertise is in the diagnosis, percutaneous management and catheter based treatment for various types of heart disease.

Know more about Dr. Steven Plato and Dr. Juan Velasquez here.

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