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Bill's ER Story

Jun 6, 2019

Bill Lenz, ER patient, Florida Medical Center

Bill and wifeDespite Bill Lenz’s severe abdominal pain and preconceived notions about emergency rooms, he and his wife, Joanne, were pleasantly surprised by their first experience at Florida Medical Center’s ER.

Initially, Bill resisted going to the emergency room in spite of his ongoing discomfort. His wife became increasingly worried and finally insisted he seek medical treatment after two days of agony. She brought him to the hospital’s ER, and from the moment the couple walked in the door, the staff exceeded their expectations.

“The nurses were on top of everything,” Joanne says. “They made sure my husband was comfortable and answered all of our questions.”

Dr. Louis Isaacson, medical director of emergency services, performed several tests to figure out the source of Bill’s pain. 

“As I waited, one nurse was even considerate enough to bring me a cup of coffee,” Joanne recalls. “She certainly went above and beyond her role.”

Fortunately, the tests didn’t show any signs of a serious condition and Bill was able to return to his normal life after his pain was managed by the hospital. To show the couple’s appreciation for changing their views on emergency care, Joanne sent a thank you letter directly to Florida Medical Center’s CEO, Gabrielle Finley-Hazle.

“Both my husband and I were so impressed with the excellent care he received,” Joanne says. “The ER ran very efficiently, and we were always attended to in a timely fashion.”

Although he expected another “ordeal” at the emergency room, Bill’s most recent experience opened his eyes to how compassionate and effective emergency care can be. 

Bill admits with a chuckle, “My wife was right on this one.”

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