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​Ed's Osteoarthritis Story

Mar 3, 2020

Ed Huston, ortho patient, Florida Medical Center

Ed with wifeLater in life, at 46, Ed reconnected with his high school sweetheart via social media, and the pair quickly discovered the spark between them was as strong as ever. A few years later, Ed decided to propose, but getting down on one knee was no easy feat.

Due to his osteoarthritis, his knees had deteriorated so much over the past 10 years that it got to the point where he could barely walk. As their first wedding anniversary approached, Ed wanted to enjoy time with his new wife – not be stuck on the couch. He visited his primary care physician who referred him to Dr. Michael Feanny, an orthopedic surgeon on the medical staff at Florida Medical Center.

The doctor recommended that Ed first undergo a total left knee replacement, and once it healed, he would perform the same procedure on Ed’s right knee.

“I never could have imagined that my hospital experience would be so amazing,” he says. “Everyone I encountered during my three-day stay at Florida Medical Center was wonderful; not one person entered my room without a smile. The staff was even kind enough to give me an anniversary card.”

Ed was so grateful for all of the doctors, nurses and staff who served as a stepping stone throughout his hospital journey.

“Shortly after the procedure, Dr. Feanny said I was doing remarkably well,” Ed says. “My leg’s range of motion increased from 0 to 90 degrees! With the help of physical therapy, I recovered fast enough to have the surgery on my right knee a few months later.”

As funny as it sounds, Ed was actually excited to go back for his second surgery just so he could see everyone again. He also felt more prepared this time around knowing what to expect.

Although the surgery took longer than the first due to excessive scar tissue, rehabilitation wasn’t necessary, and he has been recovering smoothly.

Ed’s wife played a vital role throughout both of his recoveries thanks to her experience as a customer service, quality assurance manager for an in-home health service. He can’t wait to be able to twirl her around on the dance floor and take romantic walks on the beach together. Thanks to Dr. Feanny and the compassionate staff at Florida Medical Center, Ed’s visions will soon be reality.

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