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​Timothy's Weight Loss Story

Mar 3, 2020

Timothy Miller, weight loss surgery patient, Florida Medical Center

timothy portraitFor 15 years, Timothy Miller has been living in pain. Due to playing football in high school and college and from being overweight, the cartilage in his knees had almost completely deteriorated. He visited several orthopedic surgeons who told him he had to lose weight before he could undergo knee replacement surgery. With a history of obesity on both sides of his family, Tim weighed 450 pounds and was on medication for issues including high blood pressure and gout.

“Atkins, Weight Watchers, I’ve tried them all,” Tim says. “Nothing worked.”

Interested in learning more about bariatric surgery, Tim’s primary care physician referred him to the office of Dr. Paul Esposito, a bariatric surgeon on the medical staff at Florida Medical Center. After reviewing his options, Tim decided to have the gastric sleeve procedure, which would involve the removal of over half his stomach. With a smaller stomach, Tim would feel fuller much quicker, resulting in smaller portion sizes and dramatic weight loss.

Dr. Esposito performed the procedure at Florida Medical Center, and the day after, the nurses and staff already had Tim up and walking around. By the following day, he was able to walk on his own. Since the surgery only five months ago, Tim has lost nearly 100 pounds and is about halfway to his goal weight.

“I feel 100 percent better,” he expresses. “I have more energy, I’m able to walk more, and I have less pain.”

timothy before and afterTim recently celebrated his 29th year working for Broward County and says his work in the traffic engineering division is easier now that he isn’t carrying around the extra 100 pounds. When he retires, he and his wife want to travel the world, and they are ecstatic that he will now have the ability to do so.

Despite still needing knee replacement surgery, Tim is able to walk six miles about every other day, whereas before, he says he couldn’t even go to the grocery store. “Any kind of physical activity was very difficult for me,” he recalls.

To put the difference the surgery made into perspective, Tim shares, “I used to eat five or six pieces of chicken at one time; now I eat maybe one and a half pieces.” Although physically he can’t eat nearly as much as he used to, he says it also takes willpower not to succumb to his cravings for fattening foods.

In addition to the weight loss and extreme improvement in his mobility, Tim is only taking half the dosage he used to for his high blood pressure and is hoping to eventually be off medication altogether.

“I truly believe that this surgery saved my life, and I am so grateful to Dr. Esposito and the staff at Florida Medical Center,” Tim says. “Everyone treated me extremely well.”

Tim recently visited the hospital for his three-month check-up and plans to return for his six-month, nine-month and one-year milestones. Both Dr. Esposito and his primary care physician said that, so far, everything looks great and he’s on the right track to achieving his ultimate weight loss goal of 200 pounds.

As a father and grandfather, Tim says his son is even happier about his weight loss than he is. “I guess he knows it will hopefully prolong my life,” Tim shares. “Having the surgery was the best decision I ever made.” 

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