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Your heart powers your life. It works tirelessly in the background, keeping your body going day after day. But if cardiovascular disease gets in the way, your heart can stop working properly. You may simply feel tired or frustrated or you could experience the sudden jolt of a life-threatening heart attack.

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In 1974, our heart surgeons performed the first open heart surgery in Broward County, and we’ve stayed on the cutting edge of cardiovascular care ever since.

When you visit the Heart Institute of Florida, you’ll be treated by our team of cardiologists. You’ll also have access to the specialized equipment and facilities our doctors need to help your heart, from clogged arteries to heart rhythm disorders.

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Health Fact:

Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death for both men and women in America.

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Services offered at the Heart Institute of Florida

Aortic Disease Institute of Florida

The Aortic Disease Institute of Florida is a part of The Heart Institute of Florida at Florida Medical Center. The focus of our program is the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of aortic diseases and conditions.


The Electrophysiology Lab at Florida Medical Center has some of the most cutting edge and state of the art equipment in South Florida. Learn all about it here.

Hybrid OR

A hybrid suite is an advanced operating room that combines imaging capabilities with traditional surgery.


If you want a more in depth look at some of the heart and vascular conditions we treat, you can read about some common conditions here.


We want you to know that we understand your pain, and we want you to know that we have the experience and the know-how to help treat it.

Tests & Screenings

In our Health Library, you'll find an overview of the latest tests and screenings options available for your heart.

Classes & Events

Throughout the year, we offer classes and events to educate the communities we serve. Whether it's an opportunity to see our hospital in action through a tour, or an overview of health issues affecting the community, they let us get to know each other a little better. Explore the full list of classes here.

Health Library

When answers are difficult to find and you’re not quite sure where to turn, you need a place that knows your questions, and offers many of the answers. We call it our Health Library, where with the click of a mouse you gain access to symptom checkers, common conditions, recent health news, and almost everything in between. Did we mention the healthy recipes?