Notice to Patients

  • Services provided in Florida Medical Center, a campus of North Shore will be provided by the hospital, as well as by other health care providers who may separately bill the patient. These other health care providers may or may not participate with the same health insurers or health maintenance organizations as Florida Medical Center, a campus of North Shore. Patients should contact other health care practitioners who will provide services to them in the hospital directly to determine the health insurers and health maintenance organizations that the health care practitioner participates as a network provider or preferred provider. The names, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers of the health care practitioners and medical practice groups with which Florida Medical Center, a campus of North Shore contracts to provide services in the facility are listed here.

    South Florida Anesthesia and Pain Management, P.A., a subsidiary of Team Health, Inc.
    7111 Fairway Drive
    Suite 450
    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418

    Sheridan Radiology Services of South Florida, Inc.
    7700 West Sunrise Boulevard
    Plantation, Florida 33322

    South Florida Interventional, Inc. (Todd Schwartz, DO)
    651 Leigh Palm Avenue
    Plantation, Florida 33324

    Nephropathology Associates PLC d/b/a Nephropath
    10810 Executive Center Drive
    Suite 100
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72211

    East Coast Pathology Associates P.A.
    1100 Northwest 95 Street
    Pathology Department
    Miami, Florida 33150

    Paragon Contracting Services, Inc.,
    14050 Northwest 14th Street
    Suite 190
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33323

    Lynette Sieracki, DO, PA
    4900 West Oakland Park Boulevard, Suite 203
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33313

    Edward D. Hirsch, M.D., P.A.
    7431 North University Drive, Suite 211-A
    Tamarac, Florida 33321

    Sunrise Family Foot Care Center
    10109 West Oakland Park Boulevard
    Sunrise, Florida 33351

    Mercado, Richard F., DPM, PA
    4900 West Okaland Park Boulevard, Suite 107
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33313

    New World Hand Center PA (Lewis Eastlick, MD)
    4100 Northwest 3 Court, Suite 200
    Plantation, Florida 33313

    Frankel, Joel, MD, Pulmonary Associates, PA
    2951 Northwest 49 Avenue, Suite 202
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33313

    Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions
    100 Northwest 170 Street, Suite 301
    North Miami Beach, Florida 33169

  • Patients may request from Florida Medical Center, a campus of North Shore and other health care providers treating them a personalized estimate of charges and other information.  To request an estimate of the hospital’s charges, please contact our Patient Access Department at 954-730-2780. To request an estimate of another health care provider’s charges you should contact that health care provider’s office directly.

    If you don’t have insurance coverage, Florida Medical Center, a campus of North Shore will provide you with financial counseling, including assistance applying for state and federal health care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, and for available coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Uninsured patients who do not qualify for any state or federal health care program, and who qualify as financially indigent in accordance with Tenet’s Financial Assistance for Uninsured Patients policy, will receive a charity care discount. View the policy.
  • Uninsured patients who do not qualify for any state or federal health care program, and who do not qualify for a charity care discount may be eligible for financial assistance either under Tenet’s Compact with Uninsured Patients. View the policy, or Tenet’s Cash Pay Rate Policy.

  • Florida Medical Center, a campus of North Shore will offer uninsured patients payment plans to assist in settling past due outstanding hospital bills. In addition, Florida Medical Center, a campus of North Shore will not charge interest under such extended payment plans.

  • Florida Medical Center, a campus of North Shore will not, in dealing with patients who qualify for charity care, place or foreclose liens on primary residences as a means of collecting unpaid hospital bills.  Florida Medical Center, a campus of North Shore will not use body attachment to require that uninsured patients or a responsible party appear in court.
  • The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) launched Florida Health Price Finder, a new health care transparency tool for consumers.  The new website allows consumers and caregivers to look up the average amounts paid by Florida insurance plans for a specific service, giving them a better estimate of their total out-of-pocket expenses. The average amounts paid by insurance plans are based on billions of lines of claims data from three Florida health plans.  Claims data from additional health plans are expected to be added to the database in 2018.  

    • The website lists the services as “care bundles”.  A care bundle includes the steps and procedures that are part of a typical treatment plan for that specific care bundle.  For example, the care bundle for Knee Replacement includes an office visit with a specialist, surgery, outpatient physical therapy/rehabilitation and follow-up visits.  

    • Since 2007, Floridians have been able to use to look up undiscounted hospital charges, however, this is rarely the amount that individuals or insurance companies are expected to pay. Now, with this new tool, and in conjunction with working with their respective insurance plans, Floridians have the opportunity to get a much better estimate of out-of-pocket costs for specific services.

Click here for a list of names and web addresses of health insurers and health maintenance organizations (HMO) contracted with the hospital as a network provider or participating provider.