Craig's Weight Loss Story

Mar 3, 2020

Craig, weight loss patient, Florida Medical Center

A familiar story

Craig had gradually gained weight over the course of 20 years. He had high cholesterol and his overall health got steadily worse as the pounds piled up. “I dreaded going to my doctor for my annual checkup each year,” Craig said. “But one year, the visit was different. My doctor asked if I had ever considered weight loss surgery.”

 Like many people struggling with obesity, Craig felt like weight loss surgery meant he had failed, the he should be able lose the weight on his own. But that’s not true. For many people in Craig’s position, losing the weight can be nearly impossible without help.

“The doctor asked me how old I was, and when I said almost 40, she said, ‘Craig, what are you waiting for?’” Craig explained. “That woke me up, and I decided to take her advice and have the surgery—I’m so glad I did.”

Careful consideration leads to Florida Medical Center

Craig researched hospitals and ultimately chose The Surgical Weight Loss Center at Florida Medical Center. “I had heard great things about the doctors,” Craig said. “Even one of my coworkers had recently had his weight loss surgery there.”

Craig weighed 350 pounds when he went in for surgery. “With the help of the surgery, I’ve changed my lifestyle and eating habits, and today I weigh less than 200 pounds,” Craig said.

While some surgeries save your life, others can change it.

He adds, “It was a big decision, but it was one that my family and I have been thankful for every day since.”

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