Elizabeth's Weight Loss Story

Mar 3, 2020
Elizabeth Mahoney, weight loss patient, Florida Medical Center

Elizabeth portraitOn the small island of St. Thomas, snorkeling in the crystal blue ocean and enjoying the occasional yacht party are common pastimes. To most people, this sounds like a tropical dream. But when you’re 100 pounds overweight, it is the exact opposite. Elizabeth Mahoney’s insecurities about her body prevented her from doing the things she loved.

Elizabeth’s obesity caused her to develop conditions, such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea and pre-diabetes. She was taking five different medications to manage these illnesses. Even simple tasks like bending down to tie her shoe resulted in shortness of breath. Elizabeth knew she needed to change her lifestyle, so she visited her primary care physician on the island, who referred her to Dr. Fernando Bayron, bariatric surgeon and medical director of the Surgical Weight Loss Center at Florida Medical Center.

“I was put in contact with the assistant director of the program, who discussed my surgical options with me and was very thorough in explaining everything I needed to know,” says Elizabeth. “She made sure I felt completely comfortable with my decision to have surgery before I embarked on the three-hour journey to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.”

Dr. Bayron performed a gastric sleeve procedure, and immediately after, Elizabeth was astounded that she was able to walk around without the need for pain medication.

“The nurses who cared for me throughout my hospital stay were amazing,” she says. “They knew just what to do to make me feel at ease right before the surgery when my nerves started to creep up on me.”

It has been seven months since her procedure, and Elizabeth has already lost nearly 100 pounds! She went from a 22 in plus size clothing to a 12 in women’s regular sizes. She feels lighter, more alert and has a ton of energy. As she approaches retirement, Elizabeth looks at the next chapter of her life as a new adventure, a chance to be healthy and do all of the things she wasn’t able to do before.

“If it weren’t for Dr. Bayron and the surgical weight loss team at Florida Medical Center, I would still be watching the tide come in from the shore, instead of diving head first into the water.” 

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