​Melanie's Weight Loss Story

Mar 3, 2020
Melanie Ebanks-Jackson, weight loss patient, Florida Medical Center

Melanie and childFor as long as Melanie Ebanks-Jackson can remember, she has struggled with her weight. Whenever she would lose a few pounds, she would gain it right back. Because she was more than 70 pounds overweight, Melanie had to take medication for high blood pressure. After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, she finally decided she couldn’t put her life at risk any longer. She made an appointment with her primary care physician, who referred her to Florida Medical Center’s Surgical Weight Loss Center.

“Although I live in the Cayman Islands, I was willing to make the 500-mile journey if it meant improving my health,” says Melanie. “So I put my trust in the hospital’s program and made a life-changing decision to have bariatric surgery.”

Melanie traveled with her mother and sister to Fort Lauderdale, and the staff at Florida Medical Center immediately began walking her through the necessary steps before her surgery. She spoke with a nutritionist and underwent a psychiatric evaluation. Then it was time for the procedure, and Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Paul Esposito performed her gastric bypass surgery. When she woke up from surgery, Melanie had minimal pain and was even walking down the halls that same day.

“The dedicated nurses would regularly check on me to make sure I wasn’t experiencing any pain and that all my needs were met,” she says. “My family told me they felt at ease while I was in the operating room because they were able to keep track of my procedure through an electronic patient tracking system installed in the waiting room.”

Melanie was ecstatic that almost immediately after her surgery, her high blood pressure disappeared and she no longer needed medication. The bond she created with the staff at the Surgical Weight Loss Center before, during and after her surgery was so strong that she continues to share important milestones in her daughter’s life with everyone she met there.

When Melanie found out that her sister and one of her co-workers were thinking about having bariatric surgery as well, she immediately referred them to Florida Medical Center. She was confident that they would be in good hands.

Within the first year of the procedure, Melanie lost 80 pounds! She goes to the gym five times a week now, and her new healthy lifestyle allows her to enjoy every moment of motherhood with her loving husband at her side.

“I recently completed a half-marathon in the Cayman Islands, something I never thought I would do,” she says. “Crossing that finish line was one of the best feelings in the world.”

This testimonial reflects results achieved by this patient. Each case must be independently evaluated and managed.

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