Tom's Heart Story

Jun 6, 2019

Tom Cooney, cardiac patient, Florida Medical Center

My family and I grew increasingly excited as the vacation we had been planning to the Bahamas came closer and closer. I was looking forward to spending time in a tropical paradise and creating beautiful memories with my wife Nancy and our two children, Alex and Brooke. My excitement was dulled, however, when I started feeling a sharp, recurring pain in my chest only a couple of days before our departure.

I had previously felt these pains about once or twice every few months, but they happened so rarely that I didn’t think much of them. This time, though, the jabs came every hour and I knew I needed to seek medical help. I searched online for the best cardiac hospitals in my area, and after comparing the results, I knew Florida Medical Center was the best option for me.

I arrived at the emergency room, and the medical staff immediately began running tests to determine the source of my chest pain. Dr. Ivan Ayala, a cardiologist on the hospital’s medical staff, reviewed the results from my CT scan and found a severe blockage in an artery in the back of my heart.

Dr. Ayala referred my case to Dr. Henry Cusnir, an interventional cardiologist also on-staff at Florida Medical Center. Dr. Cusnir performed a radial angiogram by inserting a thin tube through an artery in my wrist to reach the blocked artery in my heart. Thanks to this innovative procedure, I was able to depart to the Bahamas with my family mere hours after my discharge from the hospital.

I can’t say enough positive things about my experience at Florida Medical Center. The medical staff, nurses and everyone else I encountered made sure I was always at ease and tended to anything I needed.

I was so pleased that I even wrote a letter to the hospital’s CEO detailing the high level of care I received. I included a picture from my vacation so that the staff could see how well I was doing and that it was because of them that I was able to enjoy spending time with my family. I want everyone who took care of me to know they will always hold a special place in my heart.

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