​Rita's Stroke Story

Mar 3, 2020

Rita Solomon, stroke patient, Florida Medical Center

When Rita Solomon stepped out of bed, her leg felt weak and her knee began to buckle beneath her. Little did she know this was a sign of stroke.

Her sister, who happened to be with her at the time, called 911, and paramedics brought Rita to the closest hospital.

 “I didn’t know what was happening to me,” she recalls. “I was shocked when the doctors told me I was having a stroke.”

At 68 years old, Rita was healthy and didn’t have a family history of stroke.

The doctors decided to transfer her to Florida Medical Center’s Comprehensive Stroke Center because of its ability to treat the most complex stroke cases. The stroke team worked quickly to prevent Rita from suffering long-lasting neurological damage.

Dr. Sheryl Strasser, a neurologist on the medical staff, ran tests to locate the clot and determine the best course of treatment for Rita. After reviewing the results, Dr. Ritesh Kaushal, an interventional neurologist on the medical staff, performed a procedure called a right middle cerebral artery thrombectomy. He went in through an artery in Rita’s groin to successfully break up the blood clot in her brain.

Following surgery, the team monitored her for a few days while she recovered.

“They saved my life and provided me with outstanding care,” Rita recalls. “I could not believe how wonderfully the staff treated me during my stay at the hospital.”

After her stroke, she went to rehabilitation for two weeks and is currently undergoing physical therapy as an outpatient to help her regain complete mobility. Rita looks forward to returning to work and continuing her path to recovery. 

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